Operations & Pricing

Fee for Service


Medical services provided by this practitioner are on a fee-for-service basis. This means that the entire fee for the treatment session is due at the time of the visit.  For major insurance plans, we are happy to submit to insurance for you, and if your insurance provides reimbursement that would be sent to you directly.  If there are needed calls or negotiations with the insurance company, those would need to be handled by you directly as well.  You may also request documentation of the visit which you can submit yourself to your insurance company for reimbursement as allowed by the particular plan. Please note: Because insurance plans differ, the amounts of reimbursement differ. No guarantees or predictions can be made on how much if any of the fee will be covered by each company. It is each patient’s or patient’s representative’s responsibility to work with their insurance company to determine reimbursement.  Do note to your insurance company that services are being provided by an M.D. as this will in most cases increase the reimbursement allotment.

The fee for this clinic’s services must remain the same regardless of insurance reimbursement. It is illegal and considered insurance fraud to charge different prices to individuals based on their insurance status.

Payment may be made by Cash, Check, or Charge (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express). Checks should be payable to East-West Integrated Medicine, LLC. There will be a $32 surcharge for returned checks.  Most FlexPay, HSA, and similar accounts are accepted for the medical services portion of the visit.  Coverage of supplements is variable depending on the plan itself.

Rates (subject to change)

Comprehensive initial evaluation*: $225
One Parent/One Child combined initial evaluation: $350

Comprehensive initial evaluations done at same visit:
2 children (siblings): $300
3 children (siblings): $360
(Please call for more than 3 siblings.)

Follow-up treatments (up to 1 hour): $120
2 children same follow-up $200
3 children same follow-up $260

Flower Essence with follow-up: $25each

Flower Essence Consult only: $100 (includes Essence)

Reiki / Tui Na Massage Session only (1 hour): $120

*The comprehensive initial evaluation will include a thorough medical history, Traditional Chinese Medicine exam and diagnosis, nutritional counseling as necessary, herbal prescription as necessary (cost of herbs not included), Flower Essence prescription as necessary (Essence included for first visit), and time-permitting, indicated TCM treatment and/or Reiki treatment.

Cancellation and No-Show Policy

All cancellations and appointment changes must be made no less than 24 hours prior to the appointment time
.  Appointment slots are not double-booked, so a late cancellation or no-show means that slot may go unfilled. Consequently, cancellations made less than 24 hours prior to the appointment time and all ‘no-shows’ will be charged the full price of the appointment (up to $200). Cancellation calls should be made to 773-960-8901.

Due to staff limitations, reminder calls cannot be guaranteed prior to the appointment!Once the appointment is scheduled, it is the patient’s or patient’s parent’s responsibility to keep that appointment.

Treatment Related Questions

It is my goal to be of support to you in you progress. If you have a question, concern or feedback related specifically to your current treatment (e.g. need for clarifications on recommendations; unusual but not alarming sensations; problems ordering herbs, and similar), please call between 9amand 5pmMonday through Friday at 773-960-8901. If I am not available at the time of your call, I will try to get back to you shortly.


NO CALL SERVICES ARE AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME. It is expected that individuals will have primary pediatricians and internists to whom they can refer for emergency services, emergent sick visits, and off-hours questions. As you permit, I will endeavor to work with those doctors to maximize care.

Explanation of Mandatory Reporter Status

All health care providers are designated by the State of Illinoisas Mandatory Reporters (MR). This means that if there is any reason to believe that a child up to 18 years of age is a victim of on-going abuse (including physical, sexual, emotional, neglect, and exploitation) the MR is obliged to call either 1-800-25-Abuse and/or the police to report the concern.

In Illinois, not reporting a suspected case of abuse is a felony for MR’s and penalties include loss of license, fines, and imprisonment. The MR is not required to determine if abuse has occurred, but must report any time there is reasonable suspicion.

Mandatory Reporting laws also serve to protect individuals more than 60 years of age (the “Elder Abuse and Neglect Act”), and all individuals not physically or mentally capable of independent self care.

If during the course of treatment this office has reason to believe a child, elder, or incapacitated individual is being mistreated, we must report this.

While most patients and parents will not fall under Mandatory Reporter laws, you can play a vital role as well in helping to protect children, elders, and others who may be suffering under abusive circumstances!

If you believe a child is being abused, please report this to the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) at 1-800-25-ABUSE.

If you suspect an older person is being abused please contact (800) 252-8966 during regular office hours and (800) 279-0400 after hours.

If you or someone you know is a capable adult between the ages of 18 and 60, but is in an abusive situation and needs services, please contact or provide them the number for the Domestic Violence Helpline: (877) 863-6338.

Please note as well: If during the course of treatment a patient or parent voices suicidal or homicidal intentions (intent to seriously harm themselves or another), the authorities must be contacted for the protection of all involved.

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